The white points are one of the elements that we can easily remove with the most suitable masks.

A natural mask can be the solution to some of our dermatological problems, such as whiteheads. The millium or white spots are small formations of fat that form under the skin, in those areas where the hair grows. The obstruction of a sebaceous gland is the culprit of these lumps in the skin that are painless and benign. They cannot be emptied like conventional acne, you have to go directly to solve the problem with a suitable mask.

Origin and prevention of whiteheads

The most common cause for the formation of white spots is an obstruction of keratin, sebum and dead cells. These elements have created a plug that does not let the pore breathe. Unable to leave, they encyst themselves forming these little white dots. The first step to eliminate them is a correct cleaning of the face.

To prevent the appearance of white dots, these elements must be taken into account:

  • Cleaning is essential, it is recommended to wash your face about three times a day. Not only in the morning, at night is essential, to eliminate the impurities of environmental pollution.
  • Make-up removing the skin is a basic gesture to prevent white spots. Use a good makeup remover soap and also make a regular peel, will allow us to have a skin that breathes and looks beautiful.

Honey and oats a mask for white spots

One of the best masks to eliminate white spots is formed by honey and oats two powerful natural elements. Honey is an ingredient that allows us to absorb moisture from the air and is also a powerful exfoliant. Together with oats, which is a cleansing element, we can get rid of white spots. Only with a spoonful of each of these elements, applied for about twenty minutes on the skin.

Eliminate white spots with lemon and sugar

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Lemon is one of the best natural cleansers that exist. We can eat it fasting to eliminate the impurities of our body and we also use it to create perfect masks to eliminate white spots. It is a powerful antibacterial that will give us a shiny skin. For this mask, you need lemon juice with two tablespoons of sugar. You can make a very powerful natural exfoliant.

Cornstarch and apple cider vinegar an ideal face mask

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The cornstarch is a natural element that we have in all kitchens, it acts as a thickener for its properties. Applied directly to the skin absorbs all the fat that may remain, if we join the cornstarch to apple cider vinegar we will have an ideal way to cleanse the face. Apple cider vinegar is a powerful cleaner that will act to prevent the accumulation of impurities.

If you want to know more about masks, you can make this mayonnaise mask or an egg mask, sure with these tips perfect lights.