Interior design ideas for a small house

There are many positive aspects to living in a small house. Small places can feel cosy and inviting, and everything is conveniently close. On the other hand, it is all too easy for a small house to feel cramped and cluttered if the space is not well used. Follow these simple tips on canvas prints and furniture to help you get the most from your home, no matter how small.

Walls and windows

White, off-white and other pale colours are the best choices for reflecting light back into the room and making it feel brighter and more spacious. You can add to the sense of space by choosing curtains in the same colour as the walls, to avoid breaking up the length of the room. Keep windows sparkling clean and hang sheer curtains where suitable to allow as much light as possible to flood into your room. Long curtains mounted high and draping to the floor have the effect of lifting the ceiling.

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Avoid having too much furniture, and choose furniture which is in proportion to your rooms. It is fine to use one or two larger pieces of furniture as a focal point, but keep other furniture in the room to a minimum.

Furniture design can make a big difference. In the living room choose sofas and chairs with exposed legs, so that more of the floor is visible, creating the illusion of more space. For dining furniture, choose thin legged pieces, or a table on one central base for a neat, uncluttered look. A glass surface whether on a dining table or coffee table also gives the impression that it is taking up less space.

Make use of multi-functional furniture, for example, a storage chest can double up as a coffee table or a seat. Extendable or foldaway furniture is also ideal in a small house, whether it be a bed, a dining table or a desk.

multi-functional furniture




Try not to over-do it with accessories – it’s definitely a case of less is more in a small space. Clever use of accessories can help to make a room look bigger. Position a mirror on the wall opposite the front door, and even the smallest of halls will immediately look bigger and brighter. Avoid filling up a wall with numerous pictures, as this can look too busy and cluttered. Instead, make a feature of one large picture. A photo canvas is ideal for this, with its simple clean lines, and adds a personal touch to your room too.


Streamlining your possessions is good for your home and good for your health. A tidy, uncluttered environment is much more relaxing than an overcrowded space. Make sure every item you own has a home, and keep as much stored out of sight as possible. If you find you are prone to gathering clutter, try to reduce the amount you allow into your home in the first place. Avoid positioning furniture where it can obstruct a walkway, as this can make the house feel cramped. Keeping the floor clear is particularly important for enhancing your space. You can maximise free floor space by hanging TVs, shelving and lighting on the wall.

Getting the most from a small house is all about being creative and making sure that everything in your home works hard to earn its place there.