Witchcraft spells are well known 

Many of us have, probably, seen in some movies a scene where old African or Indian tribes were performing odd ritual dances. This type of dance is related with the witchcraft spell that originated from West Africa and some Caribbean islands. Back in the days of slavery, the slaves that were transported to the island had adopted some Christian traditions. The mix of a Yoruba and Christian religion gave birth to a new type of magic – Santeria.


Santeria, as it was mentioned before, originated from African-American slaves. It consists in a belief in host of Saints, as in the Catholic religion, but it also has an animal sacrifice with ritual drumming and dancing. The Santeria believes in one Chief God called Creator Deity and the Orishas- saints that are in charge of the nature.

Chief God called Creator Deity

Voodoo is another type of witchcraft spell but its reputation is not as good as Santeria’s. It is similar to the Santeria, as it has the same mixture of the religions, but has different saints and gods. Voodoo is also known as African Witchcraft spell. It grew up in the time of Christian missionaries in Africa. Nowadays, in some African countries people are still burned alive for practicing it and not because of the law, but of the culture.


There are other types of spells, such as Italian, Scottish and American witchcraft spells. The Italian witchcraft spell is also called stregheria. It came from Italian folk and traditions. The stregheria is created on a belief that there is one God called Lucifer (attention, this Lucifer has nothing to do with the Devil Lucifer from Christianity) and one Goddess, his wife, Diana. Together they have a daughter called Aradia that is in charge of all the spirits. Some people affirm that the Italian spells mostly came from the personal family traditions and due to a limited practice they might disappear in few decades.

Kitchen spells

In the XVIII some women knew how to perform the Kitchen spells that could protect their kitchen and home from bad luck. It is a type of domestic magic. Those women believed that food made with right intentions and powerful emotions, such as love and caring, can produce an expected result. Although there were common traditions, each witch had her own secrets. Some of them even had a small garden where they planted “magical” herbs, like aloe vera (protection) and basil (to attract good luck). The dishes produced with such herbs could be used to make magic.  There was also a belief that using the magical herbs in everyday life could improve the quality of it.


The candle rituals are one of the famous and very simple spells. Each candle has a color and it has different meanings, like red- love, health; brown- neutrality; pink- love and morality. To cast a spell you are going to need one candle of black and white color. Usually, the white candle is used from waxing to full moon for calling purposes; the black candle is used from waning to new moon for banishing purposes. The first step to perform a candle caster spell is to meditate for 10 minutes. If you use a white candle, rub a bit of olive oil from the tip of the candle towards the base. If you use the black candle, rub oil from the base towards the tip, visualizing your goals. Then say a chant you created- it can be a very short one or a long, depending on your purpose. After doing the spell, repeat it the next night. Do not forget to finish your chants with “So will it be”.