Hidden phosphorus: Health hazards of excess phosphorus

“Hidden phosphorus can increase cardiovascular risk or reveal a malfunction of the organism that prevents elimination of excess.”

Hidden phosphorus is the excess of this mineral in the organism and can have serious consequences for health. The benefits of phosphorus, one of the essential minerals, can turn into detrimental effects when we exceed the recommended levels of your daily intake. Phosphorus can also accumulate in the body as a result of kidney disease or calcium deficiency, a mineral with which it must remain balanced.

Phosphorus is a mineral that intervenes in multiple functions, such as keeping healthy bones, muscles and blood vessels. Phosphorus also helps regulate heart rhythm and is the nutrient of tissues and cells to repair itself. Excess phosphorus is known as hyperphosphatemia. What are the consequences of high phosphorus levels?

Diseases caused by excess phosphorus

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One of the main health risks of excess phosphorus is that it can bind with the calcium present in the blood and generate deposits in muscles and soft tissues.

Excess phosphorus, as scientific studies have confirmed, can cause vascular alterations and accelerate aging. Risk of phosphorus accumulation that includes the research published in the book ‘Alterations of bone and mineral metabolism in chronic kidney disease: advances in pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment’. The excess of phosphorus in the organism increases the cardiovascular risk, and this is because this excess favors the calcification of the arteries and the failure of the renal function.

Hidden phosphorus can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb other essential minerals, such as magnesium or zinc, causing diarrhea.

One of the reasons for caring for the kidneys is that they are responsible for eliminating excess phosphorus in the body, so that their accumulation may be due to a malfunction of these organs.

What is the recommended dose of phosphorus?

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Phosphorus is especially present in protein-rich foods (fish, meat, eggs), nuts (nuts, almonds) and whole grains. The phosphorus needs vary according to the age and situation of each person, being the recommendation of 1,200 mg daily between 11 and 24 years; and 800 mg daily from the age of 25. Phosphorus levels may be excessive as a result of diet, or if phosphorus supplements are consumed without first consulting the doctor.

Masks to eliminate whiteheads

The white points are one of the elements that we can easily remove with the most suitable masks.

A natural mask can be the solution to some of our dermatological problems, such as whiteheads. The millium or white spots are small formations of fat that form under the skin, in those areas where the hair grows. The obstruction of a sebaceous gland is the culprit of these lumps in the skin that are painless and benign. They cannot be emptied like conventional acne, you have to go directly to solve the problem with a suitable mask.

Origin and prevention of whiteheads

The most common cause for the formation of white spots is an obstruction of keratin, sebum and dead cells. These elements have created a plug that does not let the pore breathe. Unable to leave, they encyst themselves forming these little white dots. The first step to eliminate them is a correct cleaning of the face.

To prevent the appearance of white dots, these elements must be taken into account:

  • Cleaning is essential, it is recommended to wash your face about three times a day. Not only in the morning, at night is essential, to eliminate the impurities of environmental pollution.
  • Make-up removing the skin is a basic gesture to prevent white spots. Use a good makeup remover soap and also make a regular peel, will allow us to have a skin that breathes and looks beautiful.

Honey and oats a mask for white spots

One of the best masks to eliminate white spots is formed by honey and oats two powerful natural elements. Honey is an ingredient that allows us to absorb moisture from the air and is also a powerful exfoliant. Together with oats, which is a cleansing element, we can get rid of white spots. Only with a spoonful of each of these elements, applied for about twenty minutes on the skin.

Eliminate white spots with lemon and sugar

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Lemon is one of the best natural cleansers that exist. We can eat it fasting to eliminate the impurities of our body and we also use it to create perfect masks to eliminate white spots. It is a powerful antibacterial that will give us a shiny skin. For this mask, you need lemon juice with two tablespoons of sugar. You can make a very powerful natural exfoliant.

Cornstarch and apple cider vinegar an ideal face mask

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The cornstarch is a natural element that we have in all kitchens, it acts as a thickener for its properties. Applied directly to the skin absorbs all the fat that may remain, if we join the cornstarch to apple cider vinegar we will have an ideal way to cleanse the face. Apple cider vinegar is a powerful cleaner that will act to prevent the accumulation of impurities.

If you want to know more about masks, you can make this mayonnaise mask or an egg mask, sure with these tips perfect lights.

Contagious behaviors and their psychological explanation

More exposed to contagious behaviors than we think it is convenient to know which are the most common.

The contagious behaviors are those gestures, habits or attitudes that we imitate or adapt due to the influence of the environment or the group. Not only happiness or stress is contagious, but also other behaviors, and the key lies in the emotions they transmit.

Science has investigated the ability of emotions to be transmitted from person to person. And in fact, negative emotions can lead to more contagious behaviors than positive ones. According to studies conducted by the Department of Psychology at the University of Monmouth (United States), we imitate other people’s behaviors and, sometimes without realizing it, we adopt their emotional states, especially among the closest ones (couple, children, co-workers …).

The bad mood is contagious

contagious behavior bad mood

It is one of the contagious behaviors that most easily spread. It is one of the most common and is part of what in psychology is called emotional contagion, a process by which the emotions of one person are transferred to another. The bad mood has shown its ability to spread even in social networks. A study from the University of California at San Diego found that when the bad mood in the social network is expressed, it quickly spreads.

Rudeness is contagious

the groseria is contagious

Rude behavior at work is especially contagious, as a study by the University of Florida has corroborated after analyzing the behavior of a group of workers for seven weeks. Interestingly, rudeness and bad education at work are one of the behaviors that most dissatisfaction produces among workers, as found in a study by the Swedish Council of Research for Health, Work and Welfare. Rudeness can negatively burden the entire work environment.

Applauding is contagious

Another common contagious behavior is to applaud when we attend a cultural show, for example. This has been investigated by mathematicians at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, in a study that reveals that the pressure to join the applause increases with the number of spectators, responding predictably to the volume of applause from the environment.

Taking risks is contagious

Contagious behaviors take risks

Taking risks is a contagious behavior as a result of letting others take risky decisions. A behavior that can hide certain insecurity and that leads to taking risks by imitating what others do.

Healthy habits are contagious

contagious behaviors healthy habits

Healthy habits, such as eating well or exercising, are also contagious. And the same happens on the contrary. Thus, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that obesity is contagious. When a person gains weight, so do the possibility of fattening their partners, friends, brothers …

Yawning is contagious

It is one of the most contagious behaviors, yawning. And the key, according to science, lies in the brain, according to a study by the University of Nottingham that identified the brain area that is activated (primary motor cortex) and promotes involuntary yawning. It is not the only curious fact that science has found about the spread of yawning. A study published in the Royal Society Open Science indicated that the spread of yawning is higher among women because of their greater capacity for empathy.

Foods rich in folic acid and zinc: Complete table

Foods rich in folic acid and zinc that should not be missed in a balanced diet for its important health benefits.

It provides an extra benefit to your diet with foods rich in folic acid and zinc, two nutrients that intervene in essential functions for the proper functioning of the body. Where to find zinc and folic acid?

Following a varied and balanced diet is the best way to ensure the necessary contribution of essential vitamins and minerals, including folic acid and zinc that we can find in a good number of foods. For this, it is important to know the foods richest in these nutrients to include them in the daily diet.

Benefits of folic acid

The folic acid (monoglutámico pteroyl acid) is a water-soluble vitamin B group What we found in foods is folic acid as such, but its derivatives or folates, which are extremely sensitive to firing, being better take fresh food whenever possible (fruits, vegetables …). Among the main benefits of folic acid:

  • Folic acid protects the heart.
  • Improves the health of the skin, nails, and hair.
  • Involved in the renewal of all cells.
  • The lack of folic acid causes fatigue and anemia.
  • Folic acid during pregnancy contributes to the development of the central nervous system and the skull of the future baby.

Benefits of zinc

Zinc increases the defenses, and as studies have shown to help mitigate the symptoms of the cold. Zinc has antioxidant properties and is an essential mineral for the regeneration of tissue and for wounds to heal faster.

The lack of zinc can cause loss of appetite, weakened the immune system, hair loss, diarrhea or eye injuries and skin. In children, it can cause growth retardation. Excess is not good either, as it can interfere with the absorption of other minerals, such as iron.

Foods rich in folic acid and zinc

Foods with folic acid and zinc
  • Nuts
  • Pistachios
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Vegetables
  • Liver
  • Jewish
  • Soybeans
  • Granola cereals

Foods rich in folic acid

Foods with folic acid
  • Legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans, soy).
  • Vegetables (spinach, chicory, watercress, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, chard, peas, beans).
  • Fruits (orange, strawberry, orange, melon, kiwi, mango, banana, tangerine).
  • Fish (mussels, sardines, tuna, whiting).
  • Nuts (pistachios, nuts, sunflower seeds, and dates).
  • Egg and wholemeal bread.

Foods rich in zinc

food with zinc
  • Cereals
  • Dairy products
  • Asparagus
  • Celery
  • Egg
  • Potatoes
  • Eggplants
  • Peaches
  • Chocolate and cocoa powder
  • Lamb or beef meat
  • Peanuts
  • Oysters
  • Pumpkin (also its seeds)
  • Butter
  • Sesame flour
  • Wheat germ

Poland has legalized medical marijuana! But…

The Republic of Poland has legalized medical marijuana, which can help to treat symptoms such as epilepsy, chronic headaches and nausea caused by chemotherapy.

The law allowing Polish doctors to prescribe marijuana preparations was adopted by the Diet in the preceding week. However, it appears that it only works on paper, because at present no marijuana-based preparation is registered in the Republic of Poland. The Ministry of Health assures that it is working on a regulation that will determine what documents will be needed to release it.

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Cannabis helps in the treatment of diseases such as drug-induced epilepsy, but there are many reports of people who use marijuana in various forms to treat other diseases, including cancer.

Polish pharmacists, however, say that the Act is in fact dead, because the first preparations will appear in Poland at the earliest in a year. This is due to the fact that even if the Ministry of Health determines what documents are needed to commence the marketing authorization process, the politicians have given themselves over 200 days to take over.

Another problem is the prescription of curative marijuana, which can only be written by a medical specialist. They have special prints on which they can prescribe such a preparation.However, according to the authors of the law, marijuana may also be prescribed by a family doctor. It is not known for a moment how it will actually look like because there are more questions than answers in the entire bill.

Poland has legalized medical marijuana!  But...

In the original proposal, the Act assumed that the plants from which the preparations will be grown will be grown in Poland. However, MEPs have made amendments to make ready plants to be imported from the Netherlands or Canada. This poses another problem, because the lawmakers state that the breeders will not be able to provide sufficiently high levels of marijuana.

And it may be needed a lot because only people suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy in Poland are more than 300,000, and if you add to those who suffer from other conditions that can also be treated with marijuana, the demand can increase drastically.

Authors of the original draft law on medical marijuana are already thinking about amendments to this law, which would include a provision permitting the cultivation of cannabis in Poland.However, if MEPs refuse to plant the plant in the country, the medical marijuana will simply be too expensive to be widely used. According to the calculations, the monthly therapy will cost up to 2 thousand. What can not afford most patients?

Sami patients in Poland despite the fact that the law does not really give them, they enjoy it, because so far law has treated them as criminals. According to the makers of the law, including deputy Peter Liroya Marc, the full legalization of medical marijuana is still a long way off.

Trump, Xi and their wives visit the Forbidden City of Beijing

US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania were welcomed into the Forbidden City, the former Chinese imperial palace, by their Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping and First Lady Peng Liyuan, kicking off the agenda of the American ruler in Beijing.

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The two couples strolled through the gigantic, cobbled courtyards of the palace, built in the fifteenth century, which was the residence of the Chinese sovereigns and power center in the Ming and Qing dynasties (until 1911).

In an enclosure that on holidays or weekends can host hundreds of thousands of visitors, but that was emptied for the occasion for security of the American couple, the Trump and their hosts posed for the photographers.

One of them, even, tripped on a parallelepiped and broke his camera and his glasses.

Xi and Peng, a famous soprano in their country, dressed in gray coats, showed the Trump, both in black, the different imperial dependencies, after which they must attend the same palace to an opera spectacle and then participate in a private banquet

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The Trumps arrived in the Forbidden City directly from the capital’s international airport after flying from Osan Air Base in South Korea.

In an armored Cadillac, they headed a party of a hundred vehicles that arrived in the center of Beijing circling the famous Avenue Chang An, main artery of the city that had the traffic interrupted for the occasion.

The reception of Xi and his wife to the Trump couple is unusual in state visits in China, since traditionally foreign leaders meet with the Chinese ruler and the first lady in a precinct of much more communist airs, the Great Palace of the People, seat of the Legislative.

Trump, Xi and their wives visit the Forbidden City of BeijingXi and Trump will meet at the meeting tomorrow, at the working meeting of the two delegations, where the two major world powers are expected to sign important trade agreements.

Amazon and Warner negotiate a possible series of “Lord of the Rings”

The e-commerce giant Amazon, the Warner Bros. studio. and the heirs of writer JRR Tolkien began negotiations to develop a possible television series on the universe of “The Lord of the Rings,” the “Variety” website said on Friday.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos would be involved in these conversations that are still in the initial phase.

Warner Bros., the studio that successfully brought the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy to the movies, and Tolkien’s heirs tested different companies about a possible series, and so far Amazon has been a favorite.

However, the specialized website “Deadline” stated that Netflix and HBO were also probed.

The same website said that the agreement for series rights alone, not counting the costs of developing and producing the television show, could cost between $ 200 and $ 250 million.

Composed by the films “The Fellowship of the Ring” (2001), “The Two Towers” (2002) and “The Return of the King” (2003), Peter Jackson’s trilogy of “Lord of the Rings” a major critics and public success, and raised worldwide $ 2.912 billion, according to the specialized website “Box Office Mojo.”

In addition, “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” won 11 Oscars, matching “Ben-Hur” (1959) and “Titanic” (1997) as Academy Award-winning entries.

A series of “Lord of the Rings” would be a big bet for Amazon Studios, which is going through a very delicate time after its chairman, Roy Price, resigned last month after being accused of sexual harassment.

Remittances sent by immigrants to family members grow 51% in 10 years

The amount of money migrants sent to their families in developing countries has grown 51 percent over the last 10 years, allowing millions to emerge from poverty, according to a report released by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (FIDA).

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Although shipments sent increased in almost all regions of the world, the jump is mainly a consequence of the high recorded in Asia – 87% in this period.

Fida’s calculations indicate that more than 200 million immigrant workers currently support 800 million family members. By 2017, the UN agency expects that one in seven people in the world will participate in sending or serving customers interested in remittances, whose total value exceeds US $ 450 billion.

The Fida indicates that the earnings of these workers are US $ 3 billion. Of the total, 85% of the money is in the countries that received them. Remittances would amount to just 1 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the nations where these immigrants operate, according to the organization.

Together, however, these remittances account for more than three times the sum of official development assistance. They also surpass the total foreign direct investment (FDI) received by almost all countries with low and medium levels of FDI, said the report, which highlights the importance of money.

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“The issue is not so much the money that is sent to the countries of origin, but the effect that these remittances have on people’s lives,” said Fida President Gilbert Houngbo.

“The small sums of $ 200 or $ 300 each immigrant sends to their family represents about 60 percent of the household’s income, which is of enormous importance to the lives of these people and the communities they live in,” he explained. .

The United States, Saudi Arabia and Russia are the top three countries in the ranking of money sent by immigrants. While China, India and the Philippines are the main recipients.

Together, Asia receives more than half of the money sent home by immigrants. Brazil, in 2016 alone, was destined for US $ 2.74 billion in remittances, according to the report.

The costs for the shipment transactions exceed $ 30 billion annually and are especially high when the recipients are in the poorest countries and in remote rural areas.

Fida presented the report on the eve of the start of the World Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development, to be held between tomorrow and Friday at UN headquarters.

Former deputy prime minister of Great Britain claims that marijuana legalization will improve public health

Nick Clegg, a former deputy prime minister in the United Kingdom, advocated full marijuana legalization and added that it would improve public health in the Thames.

In addition to improving public health, Clegg also claims that the legalization of marijuana would bring tax revenue of £ 1bn. In his entry on the British Medical Journal blog, he argued that regulating the market would protect users against fraudsters who often soak up the chemicals they eat that lead to extreme psychosis and are dangerous to health.

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According to Clegg, some cannabis varieties are also dangerous and they should also not be given to smokers because they can also cause side effects.

He also argued that the legalization of marijuana would allow the government to determine the upper limit of the “power” of the grass that would be sold. The government could also specify the minimum amount of cannabinol, a substance found in marijuana that alleviates the negative effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

In recent times, “grass” breeders have removed cannabinoids from their plants to make their products stronger. This substance may protect the sensitive part of smokers from paranoia.

Clegg also wrote that the legalization of marijuana would also bring financial benefits in the form of billions of pounds of tax revenue.

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“I do not call here for the liberalization of drug law because marijuana is now available to practically all people, including children.” This is a debate about whether we prefer to have control over it. Public health problem we transmit entirely to criminal organizations? ” Nick Clegg wrote.

The Liberal-Democratic Party is the first grouping in the UK that has proposed the legalization of marijuana in its program. Prime Minister Theresa May said that she did not believe in the legalization of marijuana, referring to her proposal, because she said it was a pass for hard drugs.

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn has historically advocated the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes, but, like Theresa May, he opposed legalization.

Forget Me Not

Visiting this inn is like entering a Magic Town, has a simple and minimalist decoration that falls in love with you; The bright green on the chairs and tables contrasts with the wood, then the hexagonal mirrors here and there, creating a honeycomb effect with the floor extending to a quarter of the wall. There is an enticing aroma of Mexican food from the entrance that tells you about the culinary experience that awaits you.

 (Photo: Alejandra Gutiérrez)

To begin with, the waiter recommended me a handcrafted apple refreshment, brought from Zacatlán de las Manzanas, Puebla; The difference with commercial products is immense. From the food menu I ordered the noodle soup with marrow (a must) and a tlacoyo of cottage cheese and scam.

The soup transported me to a hard meal and the small pieces of marrow completely changed the composition of the saucer. I found the dough of the tlacoyo a little dry, but the combination of quelite, escamoles and cottage cheese was perfect to complement with a guava water with mint. Both dishes were examples of the simple and well done; The flavors of each element of the dishes highlighted when passing through the mouth and the exact portions to continue eating without bursting.

To finish I asked for a loaf of the shelf, it was a little horn with chocolate on top, the homemade dough prepared with care and full of flavor. I accompanied him with a ball of vanilla ice cream, strawberries and a cookie sheet.

Related image

Forget it is a paradise of Mexican dishes, it is important to highlight the execution of Juan Carstensen in the kitchen, who with good taste and culinary technique achieved that every detail fulfilled the tradition of recipes and in the contemporary concept.

Ask for the menu of the day, in which you can choose soup, water of the day and main course, with a very affordable price for food that is worth trying.

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